PS3 Motion Controller

PS3 one of the most favorite play stations of most peoples of the world is now bringing up some very new and exciting changes in the next year.

 sPhoto by top pocket man

Now controlling the motion of the player with some new facilities is the main point of focus of the PS3 developers and according to news the company is now trying to bring biometric features in the new motion controller and with this facility the play station will gain some new capabilities like identifying the user of controller by their physical contact, the theme behind it is to bring a thumb reader in the controller for the purposes of recognition.

Another change to be implementing will be the colored balls in the controller which will be different for the two player thus it would be their identification. Sony is also planning to bring a USB slot in the controller to let the players transfer info into controller’s onboard memory. This will work in this manner that the game would be in one file of the play station and another file will have some songs which will be played with the game and another game contain upgrade for the sports.

These all changes will definitely work superb with the Play station and this new technology for the motion controller will give more heights of fame to the PS3.

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