weatherstrippingFor keeping the weather-stripping in good condition, you must wipe the rubber protection like Armor-All and silicone which is used on the windows and doors

  • You should not use any oil based product to wipe it like WD-40. The reason is that the oil will eventually damage the rubber.
  • If you clean and treat the weather-stripping of your cars on a regular basis, it will lower the chances of sticking of your car to its rubber seal in winter months. It is the most common reasons which cause damage to your rubber.
  • If by chance, your weather-stripping is already damaged and the rain water is leaking in its interior, take a keen look and find out whether it requires repair or need to be replaced.
  • Remember, small leaks could be managed by the use of brush-on seam sealers.
  • Also secure any loose sections even though it is not damaged with a trim adhesive. Any torn out sections could be repaired with caulking that you can get at various auto parts stores.
  • Foam rods can be used for extending the life of any worn but intact sections. You will find the foam rods at different automotive stores.

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