The software that is designed by the University of Liverpool does automatically shut down all the computer systems when they are not in use for more than half an hour and they happen to save a lot of money spent behind electricity costs. There is going to be an estimated saving of about £13,000 in electricity costs every month.

Making use of the Liverpool University as a test model, the team has found almost 1600 PCs were making use of the 20000 KW every week unnecessarily and that equates to about £2,400 in existing electricity prices. The university computing services department has confirmed that when one of the computer is left on for the 24 hours and used for merely 40 hours a week then it would use close to 17KW of electricity and hence 13KW is wasted in the entire process.

This figure does not take the other costs into consideration such as the air-condition buildings where some additional cooling is necessary to get rid of the heat created by the active computers. The PowerDown software is effortless to install and the staff can select to opt out of it, for an instance, they can run the software on the machine overnight without having the user to log in. PowerDown has recently recovered 24 million hours of computer activity in the university. You can also download a free trial of this software from a number of places on the internet.

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