Twitter and FacebookThe web revolution has been so evident in everyone’s lives that now words that have been in popular terms with Twitter, Facebook and MySpace have come to be included in the Collins English Dictionary. The influence of these social networking communities have been deep into the mass interest and so their facilities have led into some common lingual terms which only users are familiar with.

Words with onomatopoeic resonance, in the manner of “meh” or sound of disapproval or lack of enthusiasm, “hmm” or the impression of pondering or “mwah” to replicate the sound of kissing have all been included in the current dictionary to make for the wide range of sounds that are utilized in the new technological realm. These tech jargons have been explained.

Further interesting words like OMG or oh my god, WTF or what the f**ck, woot or to celebrate, noob or online newbie has been made for the beginning as well. The word Twitter has also come in both the noun form and the verb form. There has been a total of 247 additions.


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