You may have time and again faced a dead phone when you need to call someone or navigate to a meeting. Surely, charging your phone on the go is still something technology haven’t fully covered yet.

Flintu, an inspired partnership of designer and engineer pals, Luke Trevitt and Evan Stuart, has come up with a unique battery charging solution – Plan V charger for smartphone users to mitigate their phone’s low battery issues during emergencies.

Practically, it is not only difficult to carry around your phone charger wherever you go, but also more irksome to find a socket and wait for the phone to charge. However, Plan V is a cost effective, handy and failsafe power charger which is designed to fit in easily with your key ring and be available at the hour of need.


The Plan V charger requires it to be connected to a widely accessible, 9 volt battery through its plug point and then linked to any smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6 via its microUSB port. The charger provides you as much as 4 hours of talk time, but with wifi, games and other applications, it can be less. The Plan V is very flexible and portable as it can be folded away when not in use and doesn’t require much space.

Plan V charger

As Flintu still needs some backing with funds to make this project a possibility, they have set up a campaign on Kickstarter where you can back this project by contributing just $10 to help them achieve $30,000 target. If the desired funds are secured, the shipments may commence in February; however, it is not clear when the product will be available in retail markets.

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