In 2009, Pinterest took a photo and image sharing to a whole new level. People starting posting images and photos easily. It is a pin-board style social image sharing site that lets you pin your images and manage your photo collection. You can organize all your photos of your important event interests , hobbies and more.

In 2010, a free photosharing program was launched named as Instagram and it made much easier for the users to share their photos on social sites. A unique feature about this service is that it displays images in a square shape, like Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images. While if you use mobile device cameras they will give you 4:3 aspect ratio . All you have to do is to capture photos and you can share it on your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr accounts.

Let’s have a look at how both the services compete

Pinterest Instagram
Image sharing Mobile photo sharing
Designed for the desktop No official desktop version of the site
Various image collections Individual photographs
Good for personal recognition Good for business growth
Membership “invite only,” Membership “free

Both of these sites got famous and people soon started using the services.

Success of Instagram

Kevin Systrom said about the Instagram that it has been launched  at “right place at the right time.”

Initially, the service was only available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch but later Android camera phones running on 2.2 Froyo were also enabled with the service. iTunes App Store and Google Play proudly distributes this service. Its success is due to the following reasons

  • Professional-looking photos with high quality filters.
  • Speedy uploads of photos.
  • Easy photo sharing with social sites.

Success of Pinterest

Pinterest co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann said about this virtual pinboard that “luck and happenstance” made it popular.  Its success is due to the following points.

  • Open and free-flowing image discovery.
  • More options to bounce around and click-through images.
  • “Repin” of images that enhance business productivity.

Quick Verdict

Both these image sharing sites are fun. If you want to launch a brand or start a business, Pinterest is best but if you are a famous celebrity and want the love of your fans through your recognition then Istagram might be the best for you. So, choose your photo sharing site according to our style.

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