Pcworld.com, launched in February 1998, is the official website of PC World Communications, a subsidiary company of the International Data Group. It is one of the leading technology media, event and research companies of the world. Pcworld.com is one of the most web trusted resource for users and management level buyers of technology products and it has a record 6.3 million web visitors every month. The company has designed the website with special care, as it integrates the best technologies keeping them ahead of the competition with other companies. This website has also earned the company a number of awards including the 2005 Maggie Award and the 2004 & 2005 Jesse H. Neal Awards.


Pcworld.com has been designed attractively for the readers and the consumers with the help of some excellent graphic designs. The website loads very fast, as it has the best innovative designs supported by flawless navigation and simplified collaboration between the web pages. Viewers get all possible information regarding any sort of hi-tech products ranging from mobiles, televisions, desktops, laptops and gadgets with the help of useful necessary links helped by excellent web management.

The domain provides the latest news from the world of technology supported by useful reviews and tips that helps users to get most out of the website. Although it has a simple design having the logo displayed on the top left corner, each and every word is placed at its right position helping the viewers to get an easy view.


Pcworld.com incorporates unique shades of red and grey, as the website is based on a three tier layout design. The website is not at all cluttered, although it contains various links having an attractive visual appeal with a modern look. The overall layout can be termed as pretty consistent, as the menus have been placed in the correct places. Users get a refreshing look from the website, as it maximizes the focus of the viewer to the content without detracting from the original message of the website. The domain has an organised layout with the incorporation of navigation bars, quick search button, homepage menu tools, most popular search items and various linked options.

Key features

Pcworld.com is the most informative website having all the news from latest technology products, laptops, Macs, IPods, cell phones, business centre, cameras, audio and video, printers, monitors, gadgets, gaming and holiday gifts. You also get the option of downloading various software, freeware and shareware from its download centre.

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