Well if you have a garage, nothing is better than this because it is the best place to place your car. In case the garage is not available with you, then in order to minimize the damage to your car by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun look for placing your car in the shade. And if there is no shade available, or if you are finding place under a tree, in order to avoid the droppings of birds, it is a best option that you should use a car shade. It will protect you from the impact of the harmful rays of the sun.

The car shade will help you in 2 ways, it will protect your car from the harmful UV rays as well as you will get a cooler car when you stepped in a hot summer month. Now, there are 2 basic types of car shades available in the market. One that you can unfold and can keep it on the front side of the windshield or the rear window, and the other one is with the pleated types that is attached to the windshield posts with a adhesive, or window frames with a Velcro, or on the windows with a suction cups.

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