Panasonic TC-P54Z1

Panasonic Corporation of North America has launched its manufacturing showpiece in 2009. It is the renowned Panasonic TC-P54Z1 from its TC-PV10 series. TC-P54Z1 is the most expensive with its exceptional picture quality. The wonderful TC-P54Z1 is bundled with wireless compatibility and amusingly the depth of screen in only one inch. The TC-P54Z1 is leading in electronics because of its extraordinary features like outstanding picture quality, separate tuner configuration box, and wireless technology to deliver vital in lustrous, internet-embedded VIERA Cast functionality with incorporated Amazon video on demand service. These are the features, which are still pending in other relevant instruments. You can rate it as number one due to its features and Panasonic has added this state of the art model in Plasma state. Z1 series with 54” class, cracking launch was done in 2009 summer.


Photo by ArtistOnline
Photo by ArtistOnline

Panasonic is now leading in Plasma world by launching TC-P54Z1 the thinnest “1 inch deep”. However, this depth is not the actual deference between TC-P54Z1 and other leading Plasma TV current in market. The big difference is color. Panasonic is given smart look by finishing with quality sleek black plastic covered with silver metal flooring above and below the screen. The remaining two sides are decorated with sleek black vertical posse with flooring of silver gives the fantasy of wider screen panel. TC-P54Z1 overall delivers exclusive, stylish emergence and this put across the consciousness of elevated cost.

The TV measurement is 51.3 without and 56.3 inches wide including attached speakers, and 35.2/32.3 inches high by 15/1 inches deep with and without the stand. Wireless access tuner box is of the same size of standard DVD. The wireless transmitter looks like a small antenna and wireless attaches to the backside if panel.

The remote control is also designed beautifully. Remote control has lustrous finish and all-embracing backlighting. Although the look is very shiny but the main menu, features are also very important. The three combinations of keys Viera Link, Viera Cast and Viera tools are placed above the middle control pointer. Remote colors buttons’ size, color and shape segregation is arranged nicely.


TC-P54Z1 wireless connectivity between source and its panel is startling. The external tuner box has HDMI, Ethernet, AV and other required ports. These ports inputs to display with the output from wireless transmitter.

If you have a look on refresh rate, the Z1 has 96Hz screen refresh rate. When the source is 1080p/24 (from Blu-ray player), the 9Hz refresh rate allows the TV to correctly maintain the rhythm of video. Z1 has adjustment of 48Hz settings but recommended is 96Hz to avoid flicker.

THX Display Certification is offered in Z1 models. When you shift to THX picture mode the overall picture quality like, color precision, shadow aspect and other picture features, get better than default settings without enabling mixture of sub settings.

VieraCast is a wonderful feature. You can view videos from You Tube, pictures from online albums and video on demand from Amazon. Ethernet is used to make connectivity to internet. Another amusing feature of VieraCast system is that it includes Netflix streaming and the ability to make voice and video calls via web servers.

TC-P54Z1 is a wonderful by Panasonic. Their features are marvelous. Now you have no need to adopt third party solutions to view online video from popular video sites. Contrast and deep black levels are bundled flawlessly to produce high-class image quality. TV-P54ZI is leading in plasmas’ inherited ability to endow with finer off-axis images.

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