The virtualization is something which has a great scope in the IT industry, the advance idea of virtualization have been coming from many sides. Oracle a major member of the IT industry has declared that it is planning to integrate virtualization throughout its applications, hardware and software. The main reason behind these new plans is to give tough time to its rivals like VMware and others.

This thing has been reported by ZDNet that on Thursday the company is planning to hold a webcast that will be outlining the virtualization strategy by the company. This new strategy by company is not going to focus on a single thing but the plan include the maintenance of IT infrastructure.

While talking about these new plans Edward Screven, chief corporate architect at Oracle said that “Enterprises have looked at virtualization more or less as a way to consolidate,” further “But it’s more than just server virtualization.”

This Thursday Oracle is planning to hold a webcast that will be outlining all its virtualization plans in front of the world. The company is not completely new to virtualization as it has a vast collection of virtualized assets ranging from applications to desktop customization tools.

Previously companies like Microsoft, VMWare and others also shown some work in virtualization but within some limits, Oracle is planning to break every limit so let’s see what happens next.

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