Optoma HD 67N

HD 67N is a home theater projector that offers you mini-cinema at your home. This high quality projector is the latest version of HD 67. HD 67 was highly acknowledge by the people and was very successful, that’s why Optoma has taken a step forward. This time Optoma has used the technology of NVIDIA 3D Vision. It is kind of technology that is blend of Graphics Processor Units, 3D glasses and software that specializes in providing 3D effects on Personal Computer.

Optoma HD 67N has single chip. Its display type is DLP i.e. Digital Light Processing, which is better choice for video display as compare to LCD technology, and provides resolution of 720p. Its Brightness level of 2000 lumens, which means that it is extremely bright projector and perfectly suits when there, is fair amount of ambience light in the room. In addition, absolutely balance colors, lights and shades produce the effects like real cinema. You can enjoy your favorite movies with this latest technology projector. It has an integrated 2W speaker that is useful if you want to have fun with gaming session. Motion and smoothness of its 120Hz image is worth seeing. HD 67N has contrast ratio of 400:1, which means it is a medium contrast ratio projector. It is light weight portable projector with weight of 2.3Kg.

As majority of movies are picturized at 24FMS, HD67N preserves the wholesomeness of novel image by accommodating HD source at 24FPS. It includes full range of analog as well as digital inputs along with HDMI connectivity that grade it somewhat parallel to Blue ray. Lamp life of  Optoma HD 67N is. Its picture and color quality is unique and outclass that will not be irritating to your eyes. Its estimated price is £780, which is accurate as far its features and performance is concerned.

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