Nokia has just released its new Nokia 6208c in the event that was held in Nanjing on Wednesday. The Nokia 6208c is a stylus input gadget that will prove quite helpful for different types of customers especially those who are in china, as it has been optimized for writing Chinese script and messages in its natural flair.

The stylus works nicely and smoothly on the wide and impressive touchscreen.  The highest quality stainless steel has been used to provide it maximum gloss and strength. With the available back cover, the handset feels quite easy and comfortable to hold.

Aside from support for Chinese characters, the phone also features many other characters and languages.
It also features a 3.2mp camera with 4x digital zooming and double LED flash. And with this nice camera it becomes really a fun to capture your memorable moments and share them in a nice easy way. You would find larger fonts to browse web, view pictures and deliver messages. It also supports an 8GB microSD memory card. So, not to worry about space to stuff music tracks, videos and images and other such things in your device.

It is being expected that this new Nokia 6208c will be shipped during the first half of the coming year.

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  1. Touch screen and chinese script are really awesome features incorporated by Nokia.
    But launch is very late as mentioned in the first half of next year.Apple iphone nano will be a better option then .Nokia has to gear up to match with the forth coming cellular communication products by APPLE

  2. The phone is looking nice…cool feature too..would have certainly have given a thought to buy it but it only has a 3.2mp camera…lets wait till it hits the market.

  3. Good effort by nokia to release a phone exclusively for the chinese customers.Almost all phone from Nokia have a Chinese Clone made.This seems great.
    Hope it reduces duplicate phones in chinese markets.

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