After the release of Symbian Anna, the launch of the latest version of smartphone operating system Nokia Symbian Belle is a major success which excited the Nokia smartphones fans all over the World. Not only they can enjoy the newest apps and cool widgets now but also businesses can be handled with the smartphones. For business professionals, Nokia and Microsoft have also upgraded their software to offer Microsoft Apps to Nokia Symbian Belle Smartphones. Skype has also announced to support the new OS. Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 users can have this new OS by just connecting their phones to PC having the latest version of Nokia Suite and enjoy all the innovative upgrades on their smartphones.

Let’s have a look what this new OS has to offer.

  • Six personalized Home Screens

The most prominent feature of the new Symbian OS is the six personalized homescreens. Now you can enjoy all the latest stuff on your smartphones. Multitasking is being made easy as three homescreens are upgraded to six and the apps are more easy to use.

  • Cool Widgets

Widgets including clock, music player, email, favorite contacts and the calendar are redesigned in such an innovative way that you have five choices to change their size. You can also arrange and personalize them according to your desire. To activate the Bluetooth and to change the profile, there is also a new” Toggle” widget.

  • Smart Business Apps

Some smart apps from Microsoft are added to give you ease with your business. They include OneNote, Exchange ActiveSync, Lync (IM for businesses, like Microsoft Communicator), Sharepoint, and PowerPoint Broadcaster.

  • NFC Compatible

Nokia Symbian Belle also supports Near-Field Communications (NFC) that give you ease to connect with other devices, share photos and handle your transactions.

  • HD video recording

HD Video Recording is also possible at 30 frames per second with this new OS.

  • New notification bar

A new notification bar with a fresh look is added that updates you about messages, emails, missed calls and reminders. Colored wallpapers can also be added to the lockscreen.


Nokia Symbian Belle update will be available in India, Turkey, Turkey, Vietnam, Poland, Germany, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Italy.

Have you updated your smartphones with the new Nokia Symbian Belle OS??. If not, then do have a try and enjoy the newest technology.

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  1. nice review on Nokia Symbian Belle . Thx for sharing info

  2. Symbian Belle looks more interesting than Anna. This review will definitely help me in updating Belle on my new Nokia Phone

  3. nice product in affordable rates

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