Mobile networks are growing rapidly and it’s the right time to think seriously about network management. Nokia Siemens Network just launched “Nokia Siemens Networks” to better cope with this change and to manage network in an improved way. Head of the network and subscriber data management business line at Nokia Siemens Networks Peter Patomella said, “A single entry point requiring just one login is a key feature of Operations on Demand. For typical network operations personnel, the login process alone can take 20 minutes every day to access their many different tools. Multiply this by 200 people and that’s a lot of time wasted; as much as 20,000 hours per year for a mid-size or larger operator.”

Nokia Siemens Network

What is Operations on Demand?

Every mobile network creates above million data points which are critical to handle, Nokia Siemens Networks come up with a unique solution in the form of its new “Operations on Demand” portal that will offer a single entry point for Network Access Management to operators. This portal aims to reduce the time that is generally required to log-in to the various tools of management, network operations will be simplified and network quality will be improved.

Existing products and services provided by Nokia Siemens Network are the basis of Operation on Demand and The NetProduct Family compliment it completely. The NetProduct Family offers the multi-technology and multi-vendor base that is required for an entire overview of the network. Nokia Siemens Networks is expert in organizing networks for above 190 operators and serves above 700 million users.

Nokia Siemens Network is facilitating operators all over the world with its unique network management solutions. Operation on Demand Portal is another smart step to facilitate the mobile networks with single and better solutions. While explaining the role of Operations on Demand in network management Patomella said, “This is a huge step forward in network management, which has traditionally been distributed across technologies, departments and domains with separate tools for each one.”

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