Customer is King….This concept is practically implemented by Nokia Siemens Network with the launch of “Customer Experience Management on Demand”. This exciting new customer-oriented service is launched on 14th February as Valentine’s Day gift.

Head of Customer Experience Management at Nokia Siemens Networks Amiram Mel said, “Understanding, listening and reacting positively lie at the heart of strong relationships, this Valentine’s Day, we want to put a little love back into how people feel about their mobile operator.”

Nokia Siemens Network

Customer Experience Management (CEM) on Demand

CEM on demand offers a golden opportunity to mobile operator to improve their respective customer services. Information access across whole operator organization will be possible through simple and easy steps.

Benefits of CEM on Demand for Customers

Customers will be benefited in many ways and one among them is improved experience of personalized services.

High Value Customer Insight Content Pack

On the basis of high value customer insight content pack operators will be able to access and detail knowledge about following information;

  • Tariff plan
  • Use of Service
  • Kind of Device and its performance
  • Hotspots
  • Locations

This information will be based on KPI and it will help operators to solve quality issues regarding services on immediate bases. A part from this, it will also enable operators to give sound and comprehensive background information regarding network issues to the representatives of Customer Care Center.

Nokia Siemens Network has introduced such valuable services to delight customers through an improved way.

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