Nokia is paying close attention to the consumer trends and now the Finnish cell phone giant has decided to roll out and expand their range of affordable 3G mobile phones. Nokia claims that the growing demand for 3G enabled mobile phones indicate that more and more consumers today want to have internet connectivity on their cell phones to handle their personal and work emails and to have better communication. Nokia has now announced three new cell phones Nokia 207, Nokia 208 and Nokia 208 Dual Sim that offers 3G connectivity features to consumers that want regular mobile phone with smartphone features.

Nokia 207

The all new Nokia 207 gets 2.4 inch screen that makes it convenient for the users to watch videos and YouTube while they are on the move. The phone gets 3.5G connection and Nokia Xpress Browser that uses the compression technology to offer better data streaming. Nokia 207 also offers easy sync option so that users can transfer data and contacts from their smartphone to Nokia 207 and use it as their secondary phone when they need it. Although, it has no camera it weighs only 91 grams and also offers social networking features like Facebook, Twitter and Nimbuzz that come preloaded on it.

Nokia 207

Nokia 208 and Nokia 208 Dual Sim

Nokia 208 gets all the features that are available in Nokia 207 like 3.5G connection, Nokia Xpress Browser, easy sync option for contacts and social networking features. However, it gets 1.3 megapixel camera that offers 1280 x 960 pixels. It is lighter than Nokia 207 at just 89.6 grams. It also gets the in-built voice guidance option to capture best self-portrait. Nokia 208 also gets WhatApp preloaded in it. The Nokia 208 Dual Sim is similar to Nokia 208 but it gets Nokia’s Easy Swap technology to change SIM cards without switching off the mobile phone.


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