Nokia has refurbished its mission for mobile and location based service and in the completion of this mission Nokia has appointed Michael Halbherr as the Executive Vice President. From 1st of July 2011, Michael Halbherr will perform all the essential duties and responsibilities as member of Leadership Team of Nokia and will report directly to CEO Stephen Elope. Halbherr has been working for Nokia since 2006, CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop said, “Focusing on location and commerce is a natural next step in Nokia’s Services journey. We will provide next generation social-location applications and commerce to differentiate Nokia.

We also aim to extend our content and services offerings to all consumers by making them available to partners and customers on a wide variety of devices and operating systems. Michael is a widely recognized authority in the fields of mobility and social location services, and I am delighted to appoint him to lead an area of our business that will be crucial in Nokia’s transformation strategy.” A novel location and commerce business will be led by Halbherr; this business will be formulated by incorporating social location service operations of Nokia with the NAVTEQ business.

Pros of Location and Commerce Business for Consumers and other Groups

This business is very important from the customer’s point of view because it will form a novel category of incorporated social location products and services for them; in addition device producers will be facilitated with this local commerce and it will also be equally beneficial for the internet service providers, application developers, advertisers and merchants. Location and Commerce business will offer thrilling new opportunities to potential consumers of Nokia by incorporating the community data of Nokia. Besides an extensive assortment of products and services for the wider internet ecosystem, the Location & Commerce business will form incorporated social spot contributions with support of tactical goal of Nokia in Smartphones, as well as Nokia products with Windows Phones and support for carry the internet to the next billion.

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