Change is good, and Nokia has proved it by adapting itself according to the changes in technology. Nokia has made some changes in Nokia N8 Symbian, surprised? Yes its true Nokia has redesigned its Symbian.

Nokia N8 has undergone some changes; it has a new status bar on the top, and this addition resembles it to HTC.

Changes do not end here. Widgets are highlighted more than before. At the bottom, new soft keys are added that will let you make calls easily. Apart from it by using this soft button you will be able to go through menus and contacts.

The Nokia and Microsoft seem to be “made for each other” and the news of Nokia-Microsoft collaboration has proved it. Nokia wants to target the Microsoft customers as well, how come? It is also planning to make affordable Windows Phone 7 Mobiles, in order to enable people enjoy the affordable gadgets even in the period of recession.

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