Nokia is all set to come up with their Windows based phone for Asia and therefore the company has announced that they will rollout Nokia Lumia 610 in Asia. The company said that they are planning to rollout the phone in Philippines in the first week of April and soon after that they will launch the smartphone in various other countries like China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. Nokia also revealed that they will be rolling out the new Lumia 610 in various other countries as well soon after that.

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Nokia announced that they have designed Nokia Lumia 610 for the younger generation and therefore they are focusing on youth to buy this smartphone. The phone will have PeopleHub which will help the consumers to stay connected with their friends and relatives through various social networking sites. It will also bring in mobile, email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts all in one place which makes it easier for the consumers to access the information. Nokia Lumia 610 comes with Wi-Fi tethering and flip to silence options that will make Nokia Lumia 610 more popular with the young buyers.

With the help of Nokia Lumia 610 Nokia will be trying to make Windows based smartphone more popular in the public because Nokia has price it reasonably. The smartphone will also come with Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and Nokia Music and various other apps that consumers can select from Windows Phone Marketplace. It also comes with built-in Microsoft Office app that will make it easier to manage various documents.

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