Nokia E7

Nokia being the largest manufacturer of cell phones introduced many superb phones. Nokia E7 business smart phone is also a striking model of Nokia that is quite appealing for business community. Nokia E7 received a warm well come and the users are extremely impressed by its screen and connectivity. Whatever you need today for synchronization or to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues and family members is available in this handsome and innovative design. Nokia E7 is an improved addition to Nokia E series family with enhanced features and better operating system. Nokia E7 is available with a market price of $679. AMOLED touch-screen, QWETRY keyboard, 8 Megapixel camera and real time email facility makes it a fantastic cell phone.

We are going to introduce you with some of the striking features of Nokia E7 that are the reason of its popularity. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Color and Dimensions

Nokia E7 has been introduced in silver white color. This smart phone has 4.8 inches length, 2.45 inches width and .53 millimeter depth. With 6.2 ounces weight (including battery) this handheld is easy to carry. It has an excellent volume of 97.8cc.

Keys and input methods

Nokia E7 comes with a nice full QWETRY keyboard that is facilitated with home key, power key, lock key, camera key and volume key as well. Apart from its QWETRY keyboard its touch system also supports finger-touch for text input because it is outfitted with on-screen alphanumeric and alphabet keyboard.

Display and user interface

Equipped with capacitive touch screen Nokia E7 allows you to enjoy a good screen size of 4 inch and a good display quality with resolution of 640 x 360 pixels AMOLED. It has the capacity to display 16 million colors.


Connectivity is something all of us are most interested in as it decides to what extent you can share data, by what means you can share data and at what speed transfer of data is possible. Nokia E7 has a 3.0 Bluetooth, 2.0 High-Speed USB (with micro USB connector) and standard 3.5 mm AV connector.

Camera and image capturing

Nokia E7 comes with an excellent camera of 8 megapixels having Dual LED flash. To make photo quality up to the standard face recognition software is pre-installed in Nokia E7. Photo editor can be used to edit necessary things like brightness and colors of your photo. Though Photo editor is different from Adobe Photoshop but still you can do a lot with Photo editor to improve your photos. Automatic location tagging of images (also referred as Geotagging) enhances its image capturing quality and pictures are captured in the right way.

JPEG and EXIF file formats of images are supported by this smart phone. Moreover you can zoom out still image files up to 2x whereas video image files can be zoomed up to 3x. This cell phone is also outfitted with a secondary camera. Photo image viewer of Nokia E7 is touch-sensitive and you can use fingers to navigate through the photos. Different photo viewing and sort options are available in Nokia E7 like see photos by sequence of months, album or tag cloud.

Email and messaging

The email-client of Nokia E7 supports attachment of different files such as audio files, video files, still images and text files (.doc, .ppt, .xls, .pdf etc) in addition to .zip files. It has a full screen email viewer that enables you to have a vivid view of your emails. All renowned POP/IMAP services like Yahoo, Windows Live, Gmail and Hotmail are available in Nokia E7. Furthermore Mail for Exchange, Email widgets, MMS/SMS editor, expanded portal support and conversational view for messaging is also incorporated in this mobile phone.


Nokia E7 is enriched with 16 GB internal storage capacity, 256 MB RAM and 1 GB ROM; unfortunately it doesn’t have any card slot for memory extension, but it has USB port and PC connectivity.

Business benefits

Nokia E7 makes your office life easy by facilitating you with the option of creating, viewing, editing and sharing your office documents. Through Adobe Reader you can also open and read PDF files. Its built-in VPN technology enables you to access fast intranet with guaranteed security. Mail for Exchange application supports real time email transfers so you can exchange your important emails without delay. Apart from that you can easily synchronize your calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

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