Consumer Electronics Show has always been the hub for all the people who love their gadgets and therefore it is also the best platform for different electronic companies to showcase some of their best gadgets so that they can get some interesting feedbacks and public opinions on how their gadgets will be received when they hit the market. Nokia is one of the leading mobile manufacturers in the world and they certainly cannot keep quiet and stay low at such events. This time at the CES 2011 you will not be able to find one huge sprawling booth of Nokia. Instead they have decided to do something different and this time they are scattered all over the show.

In the very first week of the show, Nokia decided to be with AT&T Developers Summit. Top officials from Nokia will meet with their customers and different partners and see how they can better their products in the coming year. They will also have dinners and breakfast with AT&T people till the end of the event. Nokia is making sure that they make a comeback with their new Nokia N8 and to make it sound better they have decided to have a demo of it with Dolby. Hence, consumers can checkout the sound quality of Nokia N8 at the Dolby booth.

Apart from that you can find Nokia at the Intel booth where they both will be providing more information about the most talked about and anticipated operating system MeeGo. NAVTEQ will also showcase Nokia on their booth and showcase their latest innovations where mapping and rich content will be the core topic. Nokia will also come up with CES Perspectives where four non-technical people will talk about the entire experience of Consumer Electronics Show and how they felt about it.

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