Nokia has recently assured that Nokia 808 PureView will be launched in selected countries in May 2012. Nokia 808 PureView is among the much-awaited Smartphones and for the very first time Nokia has used PureView technology in this phone. Users of this wonderful Smartphone will be able to experience finest quality imaging and they will also be able to explore their photographic skills by shooting like professionals.

Nokia tried its best to present a Super Smartphone in the form of Nokia 808 PureView and to much extent Nokia has fulfilled its promise. It is made possible by combining high quality sensors, Carl Zeiss optics and latest imaging alogrithim. Head of Smart Devices at Nokia Jo Harlow said, “PureView has completely raised the bar on imaging performance for the whole Smartphone industry – and Nokia is not stopping here. We’re going to carry on developing PureView for our future Smartphones in ways that will again revolutionize the imaging experience.”


Nokia 808 PureView is equipped with large and high quality 41MP sensor that combines Carl Zeiss optics to deliver the best result. Apart from finest technology for still imaging, there are also many ground breaking entertainment features in Nokia 808 Pure View and one among them is full HD 1080p video recording. Additionally, Dolby Headphone Technology will offer you many reasons to prefer this Smartphone.

First of all Nokia 808 PureView will be provided to Russian and Indian customers and in upcoming months it will be presented in other markets.

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