Nokia connect people all over the world with its stylish and superb cell phones, Nokia phones are ultimate choice of majority of people because it offers cell phones in different price range so that all people can buy according to their level of affordability. Recently Nokia launched a colorful, affordable and stylish Smartphone Nokia 603 which has some preinstalled applications as well.

What’s New in Nokia 603?

Nokia 603 has been designed especially for those people who are going to buy Smartphones for the very first time and they are reluctant due to difficult interface of Smartphones. Nokia 603 is quite easy to use and offers convenience to those people who are going to use Smartphones for the very first time. All the Nokia users will find this Smartphone bit unique and interesting because it provides them up to date features in one Smartphone.

Nokia 603-The Affordable Smartphone

Nokia introduced this Smartphone to prove that all the high quality Smartphones can also come in their affordable range. Nokia 603 is durable phone with scratch resistant Clear Black display of 3.5 inches; users can use it even in sunlight.

Latest Preinstalled Applications in Nokia 603

Nokia 603 is preloaded with many latest applications i.e. Maps, Social Networking Sites (latest one as well), games and much more. Some apps will also let users to edit and share the pictures and this is made possible with the superb performance of high quality fast graphics processor.

Easy Access to NFC Technology with Nokia 603

Nokia 603 facilitates the users to conveniently access the innovation of NFC such as content sharing and pairing with the accessories such as Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset. A apart from this, users will also be able to enjoy the unseen level of their favorite game Angry Birds on Nokia 603.

Senior Vice President of Nokia Tuula Rytila said, “The Nokia 603 continues the renewal of our Smartphone range with products that are uniquely matched to the needs of people around the world. Whatever the price-point, our aim is to ensure all Nokia Smartphones are crafted for use, have Nokia’s trusted quality, are better connected, and contain unexpected surprises like the ability to tap to pair and share with NFC.”

Nokia 603 with latest Symbian Belle Software

Nokia 603 also features the latest Symbian Belle Software.

Available Colors of Nokia 603

Nokia 603 is available in two colors i.e. Black and White and users can also choose among 6 back covers i.e. black, white, fuchsia, green, yellow and blue.

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