Nokia, the leading mobile phone manufacturer has been pretty cautious these days. At the same time as the market was flooded with the touchscreen phones, it did not initiate a model until recently. That’s right; Nokia is out with its latest touchscreen phone and is called the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. This is the next best phone from Nokia after the relatively close Nokia 810. Considered to be in strong competition with the Apple iPhone, the Nokia 5800 is loaded with a huge variety of multimedia functions. Furthermore, the touchscreen experience combined with the ease of the Nokia phones makes this one attractive enough.


The design is simple yet attractive and comparatively easy to use. However there is a strong designing resemblance to the handsets from Samsung and iPhone. It also comes in a candy bar shape with fine lines and rounded edges with a classy black and a burgundy colour scheme. It is 4.36 inches tall and 2 inches wide with the depth being close to 0.6 inches. The screen is fairly smaller, but it has a better depth than the rest.

Contact Book

Every contact in the Nokia 5800 can hold up to 10 different phone numbers and would include the video calling numbers, three web addresses, three email addresses , anniversary or a birthday reminder, department, job title spouse and child names, important notes and even your assistant’s number. There is an additional capacity of around 250 numbers on the SIM card itself. Hence, you can incorporate all your important events, numbers and notes in one single place. You can add callers based on the group they belong to.


The music player in this phone seems to be a promising one and could be compared to the ones that were present in the Nokia N series. The interface is pretty user-friendly and it also offers a range of album art. You can change the settings as per your convenience and comes with a five equalizer settings. You can also enjoy the playlists, airplane mode, repeat modes as well as shuffle. However, this one offers FM radio as well as podcast supports. The sound quality is amazing and the tracks do not sound overly bass or tinny. The external speakers have an excellent output and the sounds didn’t seem to distort on the highest volume level as well. There is a 3.5mm jack in order to plug in your headsets.

On the whole, the phone seemed to be very attractive and user-friendly. However, there are very less chances of this phone would be launched by a US carrier. The unlocked version would be available for around $500 or so.

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