Nintendo DSI is the latest version of the hand-held gaming machine from Japan, with a more slim body and an in-built camera with a high resolution. Currently available in Japan only, Nintendo DSI will be introduced to the world market next year.

The DSI is much thinner than its earlier version, which makes it more attractive. The two VGA digital cameras, one pointing the user at the internal hinge and the other on the outside shell, is a unique feature of this revised hand-held version.

The screens are also larger with an impressive 3.25 inches, which gives more clarity in viewing and the touch pen is 4.5mm longer. The Nintendo DSi is also equipped with a browser and music player. The audio player and the speakers are so powerful, which are most effective. An added feature is that the pitch and the speed of the audio can be changed by using Touch Screen.

It has power button down below on the left side of the screen. There are more brightness settings than the earlier versions, which have added to the Nintendo Dsi’s dimensions.

Coming to battery life, the Nintendo Dsi can only stand 14 hours on the lowest brightness setting, which is lower than the earlier versions.

The Nintendo Dsi has done away with the GameBoy and instead has another added feature, the SD card slot, which can be used for storing externally pictures and downloaded software. It also helps playing AAC audio. Backward compatibility has been removed that prevents Pearl games and Pokémon Diamond games. It also has set up a Dsi shop from where users can purchase games.

With an internal flash memory of 256 MB, the Nintendo Dsi has really revolutionized the gaming world.

The other features include new menu interface, firmware-updateable operating system and photo viewer. There is also a feature to pop out a DS cartridge and put another one.

The Nintendo Dsi has a sophisticated camera, which includes 11 varieties of lenses, which gives special effects to the pictures taken. The colour pictures can be converted to black and white, change the existing colours, add features on to the human faces, morph two figures and even compare the two faces to see how closely they resemble.

Coming in two colors —  Matte White and Matte Black, the Nintendo DSi is priced at 18,900 yen. Much faster and more compatible, the Nintendo DSi is going to be the talk of the future.

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  1. A very good release from Nitendo,their third iteration in the DS series.Mainly advantage seems the reduction in size and also the built in capabilities of downloading software using Wii is a great advancement.Seems that it is configured for future firmware upgrades.

  2. nintendo – original, best, will always rule

  3. I’ve never given this a try, but I think it’s about time I do.

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