Gaming consoles are becoming more of a fashion statement these days than mere gaming tools. With more advanced features packed into them, people opt for them instead of going for separate media players and FM radios etc. The Nintendo DSi is one of the most wanted gaming consoles in UK these days. Reports have shown that the gaming tool has made a great 92,000 sales within one week of its launch. These figures were provided by GfK-ChartTrack.

This makes DSi the fourth biggest launched console in UK history, after PS3, PSP and Wii. This is certainly great news for Nintendo, as the figures show quite a welcoming behavior of consumers, in UK. Also, it will enable Nintendo to put more confidence into its decision regarding building an online gaming store for DSi; the DSi shop. In addition to the running games, DSi holders can download more applications and games from Dsi store vie Wi-Fi.

Nintendo has always showed wonderful sales figures, keeping in mind over 100 million DS units sales since its launch, and 1.28 million units’ sales of DSi only in Japan since its launch. GfK-ChartTrack UK director Dorian Bloch added his comments by saying; “I would expect this launch to very much stimulate the DS software market.” We hope so. Good going Nintendo!

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  1. I have never heard of Nintendo DSi before. But according to the facts, that it stands at 4th position after PS3,PSP and Wii.Then I personally think that it must be an action pack console. If it has almost wiped UK gaming market with amazing sales, then it would be soon renowned worldwide….
    Good going Nintendo DSi… Waiting for you, come soon to my country also.

  2. […] to battery life, the Nintendo Dsi can only stand 14 hours on the lowest brightness setting, which is lower than the earlier […]

  3. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  4. I like this site, think I need to set up my own blog sometime.

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