At the same time as the children of his age can barely sketch using pen and crayon, Lim Ding Wen who is nine years old from Singapore operates on a different paper – the iPhone. Lim happens to be in grade four and is already writing applications for the Apple’s most popular phone called the iPhone. The application developed by the kid is called Doodle Kids and has been downloaded almost 4000 times from the iTunes Store of Apple within the time span of just two weeks as reported by the New Paper on Thursday.

Such an application allows the iPhone users to draw with their fingers while touching the touchscreen and then you can clear the screen instantly by merely shaking the phone. Lim suggested that he initiated the program for his two little sisters who were aged 3 and 5 who were fond of drawing. Lim is already fluent in six programming languages and he started using the computer since the age of 2. This whiz kid has completed more than 20 programming projects. His father works as a chief technology officer in one of the local firms and also writes the iPhone application. Lim loves reading all the books on programming and is extremely good at it. He is also writing another application for the phone which would be called ‘invader wars’.

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