Which gadget you always prefer to carry with you? Off course mobile phone, these days’ cell phones are not just the sources of communication but also satisfy social networking as well as business or official needs. Samsung in collaboration with Google launched Nexus S on 6 December 2010, the very first handset that operates on Android platform of the Google. Samsung and Google have employed state-of-the-art technology and updated features in Nexus S.

President and Head of Mobile Communications Business of Samsung Electronics JK Shin said, “Samsung and Google have worked together closely to deliver the best Android smart phone experience for consumers. It has been our ambition in working with Google to continue to push the Android platform forward and create a smart phone that has both superior functionality and a stunning user-experience. It is extremely satisfying to see this partnership again bear tremendous fruit.”

Display of Nexus S

Nexus S features 4 inches Super Amoled touch screen with resolution of 800×400, Super Amoled touch screen offers the finest viewing experience.

Near Field Communication Technology

NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology is among the stunning features of Nexus S which helps you extract information from the objects i.e. posters and stickers that have NFC chips.

Processor of Nexus S

Nexus S is equipped with Samsung Application Processor of 1GHz, which also facilitates to yield 3D graphics and reduces the upload and download time.

Memory of Nexus S

Nexus S consists of 512MB of RAM, 16GB iNAND which has been divided as internal storage of 1GB and USB storage of 15GB.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Nexus S is powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which offers the finest and fastest platform. Omar Khan, chief strategy officer of Samsung Telecommunications America said, “Samsung was thrilled to work with Google to create the first device featuring the much anticipated Android 2.3 OS. Nexus S is powerful proof of Samsung and Google’s commitment to bringing technology firsts to market and launching products that utilize the open and innovative Android operating system.

Camera of Nexus S

Nexus S features 5.0 mega pixel camera along with VGA front facing camera

Additional Features of Nexus S

Nexus S offers experience of multitasking to the users and one can easily access services such as Google Map, Gmail, Google Search, Google Voice, YouTube and much more. One can download as much as want from the android market. Gyroscope Sensor in the Nexus S offers the best and even gaming experience.

Vice President of Engineering of Google, Andy Rubin said, “Nexus S integrates Samsung’s best-in-class hardware and technology with the exciting new features and upgrades of Android 2.3 Gingerbread to give consumers a breakthrough Smartphone experience. Google is excited to co-develop Nexus S with Samsung, ensuring solid integration of hardware and software to deliver the lead device for the latest version of Android, Gingerbread.”

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