A good picture is worth a thousand words and today a good photograph is at your finger tips, thanks to the advent of the digital age in photography.  Gone are the years when you had to wait to complete the entire roll of film and get it developed to see your pictures. Today with the digital cameras available in the market, you can view your pictures as soon as you have clicked them and keep it if you like it or delete it if you do not.  Today there are number of new digital cameras 2011 available in the market that too at attractive rates. Some of the best digital cameras also come with software programs that help you edit your picture and enhance the results. So whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional photographer you will find a number of digital cameras in the market these days ranging from mega zoom cameras to touch screen cameras from some of the top camera brands.

New Digital Cameras

Given below is a list of some of the new digital cameras 2011 available in the market these days.

Olympus XZ-1

If you are looking for a high quality camera that is compact and easy to carry, then Olympus XZ-1 is the camera for you. The Olympus XZ-1 is a 10 megapixel camera with a very fast iZuiko 1.8 – 2.5 4x optical zoom lens with a focal range of 28- 112 mm. Users also have access to an array of scene modes, exposure modes, flash modes and art filters. The other features includes full manual controls, an AF illuminator, dual image stabilization, ISO 100-6400, 3.0 inch OLED display with 610k dots, HD movie recording and more. The camera also has 54.6 MB built in memory and the battery life of 320 shots. Some of the premium features includes an all new HDR Dramatic Tone, built in flash, ISO sensitivity that stretches up to 6400, and 720p HD video recording option. Olympus XZ-1 is a huge pleasure to use as the controls are resistant to being turned on accidentally. The camera also handles noise very well. The camera also weighs just 275g and it measures 110.6 mm width x 64.8 mm height x 42.3 mm depth.

Casio Tryx

Casio’s all new digital camera Tryx is one of the best digital cameras in the market this year. This new digital cameras 2011 has a rather unique design with a rotating frame that makes it possible for you to capture the image of your choice from any angle. You can also capture 360 degree panoramic shots with the panoramic picture function. Casino Tryx is a 12.1 megapixel camera with 5 lenses in 5 groups. Some of the other features of this new digital cameras includes a back illuminated CMOS sensor, high dynamic range imagining, slow motion video, 21 mm ultra wide angle lens, slide panorama and 1080 HD recording. It also has a 3 inch super clear LCD touch screen with 800k dots making it one of the best touch screen cameras in the market these days. This is definitely one of the must have new digital cameras 2011.

Samsung NX-11

Samsung NX 11 is the latest digital camera from the electronics giant Samsung and is also the successor of its popular NX 10 camera. This is one of the new digital cameras 2011 that has been announced recently. This mirrorless camera allows users to shoot with ease, thanks to its new grip design and also offers a better image quality. This camera also allows changing of lenses and has iFunction lens compatibility. This 14.6 megapixel camera has a Samsung 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 lens. This is one of the best digital cameras with a 3 inch AMOLED LCD display and the display is complemented with an integrated flash and view finder. The APS-C image sensor also ensures great picture quality. Some of the premium features of this compact camera includes its compact size and electronically controlled vertical run focal plane shutter. This is one of the new digital cameras 2011 and it weighs just 353 grams and measures 123mm x 87mm x 39.8mm.

Sony CyberShot DSC WX10

The Sony CyberShot DSC WX10 is a one of the new digital cameras 2011 from Sony and this 16.2 megapixel camera comes loaded with a number of features.  This is one of the first digital cameras in the world that includes 3D still image mode which lets you take 3D images. Other features includes built in compass, GPS, Sony G lens with 10x zoom features. Some of the other features also include an innovative Dual record technology that lets you take still pictures while capturing video, backlight correction HDR, Intelligent sweep panorama and more. The camera also offers highly improved image clarity with reduced grains, low light sensitivity and high resolution. The camera weighs 161 grams including the battery and measures 95mm x 54mm x 23mm.

Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR

Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR is one of the new digital cameras 2011 from Fujifilm. This 16 megapixel camera is not only sleek and compact but also has some of the most intuitive and advanced features too. Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR is one of the best digital cameras with high speed shooting capabilities, GPS geotagging, full 1080p HD movie capture, high contrast 3 inch 460k resolution LCD display with 160 degree viewing, 15x optical zoom lens and other additional functions. The GPS feature also offers several additional functions that you will require for outdoor shooting. This camera also has intelligent image stabilization technology, and a mini HDMI port. The lens in the camera has a super EBC coating which helps keep ghosting and flare to a minimum thus enhancing the picture quality drastically. This is a great point and shoot camera with a very stylish look and feel. This camera weighs 215g and measures 103.5 mm x 62.5 mm x 32.6 mm. this is one of the best new digital cameras 2011 and just the right choice for you if you do not want to compromise on the quality and looks.

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  2. I’ve owned many Olympus products and they were always advanced, compact and light weight. The cameras had great optics. However,of the six cameras and one microrecorder that I owned, they all needed to be repaired, a few within the warranty period, most without the period. I won’t buy another Olympus product.

  3. Canon sets the standard for quality and all the rest follow.

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