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With Apple iPad in your hands, one can simply expect to have the best of both worlds in one place. Since its launch in early 2010, millions of people have already been used it, and found it overwhelmingly exciting and useful. Apple iPad is as multi-purposed as it is user friendly. The iPad combines an iPhone’s portability with the power and usability of a laptop. The deadly combination of sleek and stylish design, user friendliness and the presence of endless iPad apps make it the most popular piece of technology on the market place.

With a countless number of iPad apps, now you can add more functionality to your iPad by adding as many iPad apps as you want or in other words, whatever you require, or are simply interested in, there’s an app for you. The list is still growing and it’s impossible to choose the best iPad Apps for 2011 out of thousands of them.

iPad Apps 2011

The Apple iPad comes fully loaded with all the basic applications like mail, browser and maps. But if you want to have a more personalize iPad, and make it a great product, you’ll want to download some more apps. There are free as well as paid iPad applications. The number of iPad-specific apps available in the iTunes Apps store as of January 2011 is around sixty five thousand, and the number is still increasing. While we are sure all 65,000 options in the App store have their merits, we have built a list of some of the best iPad Apps, and plucked out the gems for you to select the best apps for your iPad.

Top 15 Best iPad Apps for 2011

So let’s take a look at our picks:

Fruit Ninja HD: is an incredibly simple yet inexplicably addictive game. It allows users to slice and dice a dramatic fruit salad. The more fruit you slice, the better your score is. You can play the game with your friends or in your free time on your own. Fruit Ninja HD is a must have game on the iPad.

Kindle: Kindle is a very good alternative to Apple’s new iBooks bookstore. The Kindle app gives iPad owners the keys to the entire library that Kindle owners can access.

AP News: the AP News app for the iPad is simply one of the best news apps available at iTunes. It has a clean user interface. It includes articles, photos, video of the latest breaking news as well as supports a local news feed and weather updates.

NPR: for users, who are looking for the latest music, arts and news, NPR iPad app is a must have. The app has a clean and simple design and user can listen to one of thousands of audio feeds or playlists. While listening, users can freely roam the rest of the NPR app and adjust playback from the small audio player. It’s an absolutely free iPad app to download.

Flipboard: it is one of the most popular free iPad apps available to download. It is also named the iPad app of the year by Apple. Flipboad arranges content like pictures, updates, blurbs and video from your from the places you visit frequently like news sites, social media sites, photos sites and collates them into a magazine like format that you can flip through with the swipe of a finger.

Netflix: it is a perfect iPad app for a movie lover. With a subscription of just as low as $8.99/month users can enjoy unlimited TV episodes and movies stream.

ABC Player: it is a free iPad app, and considers being one of the most popular iPad apps for 2011. You can watch latest episodes of many of your favorites ABC’s shows, like Desprate Housewives, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family on your iPad. Available on the player are the most current episodes, as well as those from several weeks before. Browsing options includes, browsing via show title, most popular, most recent and staff picks. ABC’s Player latest version includes 3G streaming capabilities, which means you can watch your shows even when outside the WiFi zone.

Instapaper: Instapaper is a great app for reading long stories on the iPad. It allows you to save stories from the web into a nice reader app for later viewing.

NY Time: if you’re looking for a newspaper on the iPad, NY Time can be the first choice. You can download the NY Times iPad app for free from iTunes store.

Bloomberg : for those who are interested in finance, business and stock market, Bloomberg app has it all. You can read latest financial news headlines, world market updates and stock quotes, charts and news on your iPad. This iPad app is free to download.

Angry Birds HD: it was originally a game from iPhones, and was one of the best games. But with better graphics and big screen, the fun has been increased to its maximum. The little green pigs stole the birds’ eggs, so in this game you will revenge for the birds. There are about 225 levels in this game and you can get it at iTunes for $0.99.

CNBC Real-Time: it is a must-have app for market watchers. The app includes real-time stock quotes, historical interactive charts, breaking news alerts and a customizable news ticker. The “My Stocks” function allows users to create a portfolio of favorite tickers, as well as watch video clips or market analysis or CEO interviews.

Google Earth: Google Earth is an amazing iPad app from Google. Using it on the iPad’s large, high-resolution screen is pure joy. Its “layer” feature keeps a record of significant places, businesses and Wikipedia entries related to landmarks you viewed on the map.

IMDb: IMDb’s app gives users easy access to movie, TV and celebrity information. You can watch new movie trailers, view show times, rate movies and browse the highest and lowest rated film of all time in app’s movie category. In TV category you can view recaps, entertainment news and the list of shows airing in your local time zone.

Weather Chanel Max: this iPad app is especially aimed for weather geeks. The Weather Channel App on the iPad gives users their own portable weather radar. The app also features quick links to Weather Channel programming, shows like “Epic Conditions” and “Weather Ventures” and aggregates Tweets from national meteorologists like NBC’s Al Roker.

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  1. […] is tough to decide who is the best and leader of the battle between iPad apps and Android apps, some of the apps work best on iPad and some others look finest on Android […]

  2. […] is tough to decide who is the best and leader of the battle between iPad apps and Android apps, some of the apps work best on iPad and some others look finest on Android […]

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