Blackberry has always been known for the security features that they offer with their operating system and now Blackberry has announced that the Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 and Blackberry 10 smartphones have been approved by NATO for classified communications up to the level of Restricted. Blackberry said that they are first smartphone company that has managed to get the certification from NATO. Blackberry also revealed that the certification allows agencies to now make use of Blackberry 10 smartphones in the offices and in the field across America and also across Europe.

Sharing more about the certification Blackberry said that this NATO certification means a lot to them and is a significant milestone for the company. The certification not only approves the use of Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 operating system and smartphones but also assures various organizations around the world that are concerned about the security in their firms, including government agencies and companies. The certification claims that the data handled by Blackberry 10 smartphone is strongly secured and encrypted which is required when passing sensitive information. The all new Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 integrated end to end security and uses AES 256-bit technology that offers highest level of encryption for any data.

Scott Totzke, Senior Vice President of Security at Blackberry said that the new Blackberry 10 platform has been built from the ground up with the highest security features that are usually required by the government and enterprise customers that would like to keep their data secured in a better way.

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