The much anticipated Moto 360, the first round Android Wear Smartwatch, is now available for sale in US for $250. It was unveiled five months back and captured the attention of technology geeks with its awe-inspiring good looks.

The square faced LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live available in the market were criticized for the clunky, unattractive looks so the tech giants started working to develop round Smartwatches. While those watches are still in making, the Moto 360 is currently the best looking Android Wear Smartwatch you can get your hands on.

The Moto 360 sports a beautiful round dial with Gorilla Glass 3 crystal. The display is not perfectly round as a black bar appears at the lower end. The leather band fits perfectly like a normal watch, but is naturally not water proof. Metal band smartwatch will be available later this fall for $299.

The watch runs on a OMAP 3 processor with 4GB internal storage and a 512 MB RAM. The 320 mAh battery is expected to last a day and is inductively charged. It is compatible with all smartphones running an android 4.3 or higher.

Motorola did not rush into releasing its Smartwatch and worked hard to present us with this stunning wearable that does not look like a gadget at all. In future, competition will get tough for Motorola and it will have to add some exciting features to its Smartwatches to stay ahead of the game.

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