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It was a time when sea travelling was the necessity for the people who want to travel to the distant places but now days when airplanes have taken place of sea ships there are some luxury lovers who travel in some of the most unique and luxurious yachts. These yachts are no less than a high class hotel as they provide you helipads, multiple swimming pools, a full staff and the latest in nautical technology. Travelling in such yachts would be the dream of every individuals but this luxury has been provided for only the elite or social classes as the travelling by these yachts is not affordable for a common man. Here in this article I am going to discuss three of the most expensive yachts of the world which are as beautiful and spacious as a palace so let’s have a look.

1. Dubai

Price: $350 Million

This is the most expensive and beautiful yacht of the world owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the ruler of Dubai and he has named this yacht as ‘Dubai’. It has been believed to optimize the pleasure of cruising expedition which is 531 foot long and can easily accommodate 115 guests and 88 crew members. The interior has been designed by Philippe Starck. It has six guest’s suits and five VIP suites and all are beautified with open balconies. This ship also features a large pool, squash court, helipad and a small aircraft hangar. This can be a perfect entertainment source for the luxury loving people and the name Dubai is very true for it because it gives you the original class and luxury you observe in Dubai.


2. Lady Moura

Price: $210 million

This is another beautiful piece of luxury is the private super yacht ‘the lady Moura’ which is also called big women and it is owned by Saudi Prince Nasser al-Rashid. It is 354-feet long and was built in 1991. It is so large that it has problem in entering the harbor of Monte Carlo and it has crew member of about 60 along with that the thing which is helpful in the beauty is a large pool with retractable roof and its very own mock beachfront is filled complete with sand. The guest and VIP suits are provided with balconies for a perfect sea view and nothing could be a better piece of luxury than this yacht.

Photo by Mario N.V.
Photo by Mario N.V.

3. Octopus

Price: $200 million

This is another largest and luxurious yacht owned by Paul Allen the co-founder of Microsoft. This is 416 feet long which has 40 crew members. It features 2 smaller boats, two helicopters, and a 10-person submarine, the internal decorations and beauty of this ship is not less than any other. The yacht has a very beautiful pool located on the upper deck, the exterior was designed by Espen Naval architects and German architects and the interior are designed by American designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett of Seattle. Thus this an ultimate piece of luxurious living which is designed for the elites.

Photo by ffernand
Photo by ffernand

These were some of the very expensive and luxurious yachts of the world which are not just a yacht but a palace of a king from the internal side. The owners are some of the top elites of the world which have created this piece of luxuries for the people of their class.

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