Most Expensive MP3 Players

MP3 players are one of the best portable audio devices that can give quality of music with a remarkable storage. This is the best consumer electronic which can store, organize and play the audio files and the latest MP3 players are giving remarkable storage space for the audio and also the video files. Portable digital audio players commonly known as MP3 players have also been involved in the race of technology with luxury. As now days we have came across many MP3 players which are available in the market for quite a large amount of money.

MP3-PlayersPhoto by Scorpions and Centaurs

The new MP3 player’s developers are giving their main focus on shrinking the size and increasing the quality of the new portable MP3 players. They are in fact the most famous portable electronics from the past few years and they are also compatible with some of the world’s most famous mobile phones. They have taken the world by storm when the first iPod was released by Apple and now the latest MP3 players have taken the hold of market and suppressed even the iPods. In this article we are going to discus some of the top ad expensive MP3 players of the world which has created much excitement among the masses of people.

1. Douglas.J Presidential MP3


This is one of the most luxurious technical gadget which has been made by gold and Diamonds. It is not just an MP3 player it is an ornamental antique developed by Meng Duo Ltd a company of London. The membership for this gadgets is also only for the elites and each Presidential will be hand delivered to the owner anywhere in the world. This player features 11 GB of flash memory, USB 2.0, OLED color display and 10 hours battery life. It also has a 65k color screen for the video playback and the format support for audio and video files is also uncountable. If you want to order for your own presidential then you need to choose the gold casing along with the physical configuration of diamond buttons set on the front side.

2. iDiamond iPod

Price: $40,000

This is another contender of the world’s most expensive MP3 player which features an MP3 player and ear plugs made up of 18 karat white and pink gold with a beautiful decoration of 430 diamonds on the iPod and 118 in the headphone.

Now what would a call an object of extreme glory and luxury other than this player. This master piece was not designed for the commercial sale and was donated to charity cause auction in London 13th march 2008. It is a complete blend of traditional handicrafts with the modern technology and this can easily beat the records of the most expensive MP3 players of the world.

3. TrekStor i.Beat Organix gold MP3 play

Price: $20,000

Beat Organix gold MP3 playPhoto by penmachine

This is another master piece of technology blending with the luxury. It was developed by TrekStor on the order from Russian-Canadian billionaire and owner of the Midland Formula 1 team, Alex Shnaider. It is made up of 18 carats of gold decorated with 63 one carat diamonds. Another feature which is enhancing its beauty is the small chain which is made up of aquamarine gems. While talking to media Shnaider said “I was so impressed by the technology of the i.Beat organix that I immediately ordered the MP3 player in gold as a one-off masterpiece to be auctioned for a charitable cause”. This luxurious MP3 player is no doubt an antique piece of jewelry.

These were some of the most expensive MP3 players of the world which are more an antique than a normal MP3 player. If you are a filthy rich person and want luxury with technology then you must consider one of these Mp3 players.

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