If you are proud of your brands for shoes and clothes than let’s take them on a wonderful journey of luxury and style. As luxurious products are made in each field of life either it is technology or the dressing. Many people enjoy themselves to be unique and liked by other people and for that purpose they select some very unique and luxurious products for them. Most of the luxury products are designed for women but it is the case that only women can enjoy the sweetness of luxury. Here in this article I am going to describe some of the very luxurious dressings for men which are not only stylish but also decent and luxurious.

1. “Cosby” sweaters

Price:  $5,000

This is a very wonderful and stylish sweater designed for men. This sweater is of Mr. Bill Cosby’s auctioned by Erinn Cosby one of his four daughters. So apart from luxury it is a very antique piece of cloth and the first bidding of this sweater starts at June 2nd  and the proceeds from the sweater’s sale will go to the Hello friend/ Ennis William Cosby Foundation. During the Cosby shows of (1984-1992) Mr. Cosby use to wear the patch work sweater which was later named as Cosby sweater for such kind of sweaters. It can be easily said as one of the most expensive sweater of the world and it’s a golden chance for the fans of Cosby to but the original antique piece of Cosby Sweaters.

Photo by brainware3000
Photo by brainware3000

2. Berluti Rapiécés Reprisés

Price: $1,830

Berluti Rapiécés Reprisés are probably the most expensive handmade shoes by men and most of the people still now love to wear the handmade shoes. Many brands have launched the handmade shoes or mens loafers for men but Berluti Rapiécés Reprisés got popular in the market as one of the most expensive shoes of the world. Other shoes brands have also released a series of readymade expensive shoes for men about a year ago and are still known as the most expensive shoes of the world. The series includes alvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Edward Green, John Lobb, New & Lingwood, and Berluti. Although coming for quite expensive cost yet it is liked and purchased by some luxury loving customers.

Photo by Nilsou
Photo by Nilsou

3. Eton 8oth anniversary dress shirt

Price: over $45,000

This is the unique piece of shirt specially designed by finest Egyptian cotton for the 8oth birthday of Eton (Swedish shirt making company). This is one of most expensive shirt designed for men; the cost is high because the studs and the cufflinks are encrusted with diamonds—white diamonds on the cufflinks and colored diamonds on the studs. So if you want a luxurious style depicting in your clothing than get this diamond encrusted unique piece of shirt.

Photo by excelgroupholdings
Photo by excelgroupholdings

4. Antique Levi’s jeans

Price: $60,000

This one is not just a usual jean by Levi’s but it is the most unique jeans coming from this brand and now it has become the status symbol for the elite class. During the era of 200 the world has seen a competition of many outclass and expensive pair of jeans coming from different companies. The Gucci jean also has got a position in Guinness Book of Records lists due to its texture and cost. As a strong competitor of all those expensive pieces of luxurious jeans Levi’s Jeans has also achieved huge fame because of its texture and stuff used.

Photo by Stephen Poff
Photo by Stephen Poff

5. Satya Paul Design Studio necktie

Price: $220,000

The Satya Paul Design Studio is one of the pioneers in India’s fashion industry and they have given some very remarkable work to the industry. A necktie has mostly been used as a symbol of success or authority and most of the men feel dignified in wearing a necktie. By keeping in mind all such thoughts of men Satya Paul Design Studio has designed such a marvelous necktie. The texture of this beautiful necktie is pure silk which is decorated with 150 grams of gold and 271 diamonds weighing 77 carats total.So with suchan arrangements of diamonds and gold what would be more luxurious than this and the price is best for such a piece.

So these were the most luxurious and most expensive items for men’s clothing which can not only bring style for you but also make you no less than a celebrity. From this article it has been observed that luxury can be carried in anyway and in anything you want. If you have money and want to be unique than these all master pieces are designed just for you.

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