Ever since Apple announced the launch of iPad 2, there have been several rumors surrounding the device. After the highly successful iPad 1, expectations and anticipations regarding iPad2 are on a high and the internet is full of iPad 2 rumors. Rumors surrounding the release date of the device, price etc is on a high. In this article we will talk about the most discussed rumors surrounding the iPad 2.

iPad 2 Rumors 2011

There are reports that Apple is anticipating high demand for iPad 2 and therefore has ordered shipments of nearly 6 million units per month. Let us check out some of the latest iPad 2 rumors.

iPad 2 Release Date

There are a lot of rumors regarding the release date of iPad 2. There were speculations of iPad 2 before Christmas but later rumors suggested that the company will be shipping iPad 2 in Feb 2011. If this is true, then users can expect iPad 2 to be released around April 2011. This is one of the hot rumors surrounding iPad 2.

iPad 2 Proximity Sensor

Another iPad 2 rumor is that the device might be equipped with a proximity sensor which will enable the device make out whether the cover on the case is open or closed. Accordingly it will lock or unlock the device.
iPad 2 Features

There are several rumors surrounding the features of iPad 2. Some of them are

iPad 2 Camera And Gyroscopes

There are a lot of rumors surrounding the camera of iPad 2.  There are rumors that iPad 2 will be equipped with twin cameras. One rear camera and one front camera. There are rumors that the rear camera will be of 1 mega-pixel. The rear camera will be able to shoot videos and photographs. There are also rumors that the next generation iPad will have three-axis gyroscope which is present in iPhone 4.

iPad 2 USB And SD Card Slot

Among several other rumors surrounding iPad 2, presence of SD card slot and USB port too are on a high. Images of the new iPad which have appeared on the internet suggest that the presence of SD card slot. If this happens to be indeed true then it will a positive step as iPad 2 memory will increase manifold.

Presence of USB port is another latest iPad 2 rumors. Presence of an USB Port in the device will allows users to upload their favorite photos, videos etc, but considering the fact that Apple is focusing on wireless, the USB port can be a MicroUSB port or adapter for charging the device.

iPad 2 Home Button

There are rumors that iPad 2 will not have home buttons, but analysts are not ready to buy this view.

iPad 2 Case

One of the most discussed rumors surrounding the device is regarding its case and thickness. It is believed that the next generation iPad will be thinner sporting a more MacBook style look.

iPad 2 Screen

There are also rumors surrounding the display of the device. It is anticipated that Apple’s retina display will make its way into iPad 2. While some say that iPad 2 will come with a 9 inch retina display, the same will take its toll on the processor and the battery of the device. Moreover with most of the tablets opting for 7 inches display which makes them lighter than iPad, Apple may follow the suit.

A 7 inches display will make the device more portable and suitable for video calling. Whatever may be the scenario, we can expect Apple to keep iPad 2 simple and easy to use. iPad 2 with retina display will make the device bulky to be carried from one place to another.

iPad 2 Processor

Processor of the device is another area which is generating tremendous amount of interest surrounding iPad 2. Since the specification of the processor plays an important role in functioning of an electronic gadget, it is believed that ipad 2 will be equipped with a 2GHz processor which is based upon ARM’s Cortex A9. The processor will speed up processing speed of the next generation iPad.

iPad 2 Price

Unless there is any drastic change iPad 2 hardware, the next generation iPad is expected to be priced at par with iPad 1. Though there are several tablets available in the market at a cheaper price than iPad, but considering the performance of the iPad no one will complain about the price. iPad 2 is expected to carry more or less the same price tag as that of iPad 1. Once the device hits the markets we can tell you precisely about the best iPad 2 buy cost.

iPad 2 Rumors Round Up

There are a lot of rumors surrounding iPad 2 features and specs. One can feel that iPad 2 launch is round the corner and it will be interesting to note the battle between iPad 2 vs Galaxy Tab. The real iPad 2 specs can be known once the device hits the market. The ipad 2 launch is expected to give tablet computing an overall new look. iPad 2 announcement date is round the corner and like everyone else we too are waiting for the launch of iPad 2 from Apple.

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