2011 has become virtually synonymous with gadgets and new technology. It’s already the mid of this year. Have you updated your gadgets gallery this year? If not, here’s a list of very desirable products that are promised to be coming soon that you will be able to get your hands on in the near future—within the next couple of months, or even sooner.

New Technology Gadgets

  • Apple iPad 2
  • 3D Vaio by Sony
  • 3DS by Nintendo
  • PlayBook by BlackBerry
  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Samsung LED 9000
  • RIM Blackberry Presenter
  • PlayStation Phone by Sony
  • Smart Shopping Carts
  • NFC-Enabled Phones-Google Nexus 3
  • Vizio’s “passive” 3D TV
  • Sony’s HD camcorders with built-in projectors
  • Olympus’s Tough cameras
  • Motorola’s 4G phone for AT&T
  • Asus’s first of four tablet computers
  • Mobile TV
  • The electric newspaper –The Skiff Reader
  • E-books with an EDGE

Apple iPad 2

Apple has leaded the way in the tablet market with the release of its iPad that went on to still over 15 million worldwide. If you are the one thinking of buying iPad well wait till you hear the new specs on the iPad 2. It has the same price as first iPad.

Some of leading features are

  • A dual core processor that, get this will allow its already eye watering graphics to run up to 10 x faster
  • Front and rear facing cameras for face time chat
  • About 33% thinner
  • Lighter at 1.33 pounds

It is already released in US. The price is about $499.00

3D Vaio by Sony

The next expected gadget is the 3D Vaio by Sony. This 3D laptop F series computer by Sony boasts

  • 16″ display which can be used for the PlayStation 3 gaming counsel
  • IR blaster to synchronize with bravia glasses
  • 1080p 240fps display for games and video in 3D
  • Blu-ray drives that can be upgraded from 2D to 3D
  • Black Frame Insertion
  • Change between 3D and 2D with one touch button
  • Sequential technology for HD display

Released in March 25th, 3D Vaio by Sony is set to be an extremely powerful and high priced laptop possibly starting at a whopping $2000

3DS by Nintendo

Nintendo is the biggest name in gaming for a reason, and it’ll prove its might once again with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, the portable gaming. For the Nintendo 3DS no glasses are required to view its 3D display. The Nintendo 3DS offers

  • Compatibility with 3D graphics sans lenses
  • Two outward lenses for taking pictures and one inward lens with the outward lens, you can take a picture of a person and simultaneously the user’s picture can be taken with the inward lens
  • Two images can be integrated to create one picture
  • Automatic creation of users cartoon avatars by taking a picture
  • Tag mode, enables you to get the details of another user of 3DS, like you can come to know about the games he or she played last

It is released in Japan and is available for around $300

PlayBook by BlackBerry

BlackBerry is going to launch PlayBook. This tablet by blackberry comes with

  • A simplified but advanced operating system compatible with current web requirements such as HTML5
  • BlackBerry tablet operating system, also called as QNX supports POSIX and openGL
  • 1024×600, 7″ display and 1GHZ processor,
  • 5MP lens with 3MP camera and 1GB RAM
  • The option of video conferencing and features micro USB jack, 1080p resolution, Wi-Fi, HDMI port and Bluetooth
  • BlueTooth tethering application that allows to extract the data out of BlackBerry
  • 0.4″ thick screen and weighs approximately 450 grams

Apple iPhone 5

Apple launches its new cellular device that promises to make all other obsolete. It is the new Apple iPhone 5. The Apple iPhone 5 come with

  • A sleek design and face recognition mechanism.
  • OLED screen and 64GB memory
  • A built in GPS navigation feature and HD audio quality.
  • Advanced graphic chips
  • DUAL CORE PROCESSORS for improved resolutions of images and videos
  • Pico projector for presentation on walls or flat surfaces
  • Viewing of local channels on your iPhone 5

Could this be the best gadget for 2011? It is expected Release date is june 20th

Samsung’s LED 9000

Samsung pencil thin TV can dominate the emerging 3D LED TV. It boasts a

  • A processor that can render 2D images into 3D in real-time
  • The slim screen i-e 0.3 of an inch
  • A touch screen remote
  • Wi-Fi that allows you to watch a channel .Useful for previewing what is on another channel

The Samsung LED 9000 3D TV seems to be a clear leader of the pack at this stage

It will be available later this year in 46 and 55 inch screens.

RIM Blackberry Presenter

As many of you have already noticed the micro and mini projectors designed to plug into a projector or monitor via VGA or S-Video by manufactures like 3M, and Microvision will be available soon.  RIM Blackberry Presenter features

  • Speaker notes or loop slides on your Smartphone screen to keep you on track and on pace during your shining moment
  • Compatibility with newer Blackberry models
  • Handy 3.4-inch x 2.4-inch box
  • Bluetooth connectivity in order to display Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 slides directly from your handset
  • Pause images and set slides to automatically swap at prearranged intervals

Playstation Phone by Sony

Sony, the leader of innovative technologies is ready to launch playstation phone code named “Zeus” in early 2011. The PlayStation Phone could very well be the most popular Android phone of 2011. Zeus would have

  • Android 3.0 Gingerbread operating system
  • SD slot card having 8GB of memory
  • 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor
  • 3.8 display and graphics processing unit of Adreno 205
  • 1GB ROM and 512 MB RAM. 3.8″ touch screen
  • Touch pad
  • Downloadable games

So for those who love games, it is going to be a best product.

Smart Shopping Carts

Ladies don’t get disappointed as there is something for you also in 2011 to have as the best electronic gadget called Smart Shopping Carts. They can flash discounts and suggest purchases based on a customer’s history. While some shoppers might find it creepy, many will find its like GPS — you won’t be able to remember what life was like before them.

NFC-Enabled Phones -Google Nexus 3

Samsung’s Nexus S, the first NFC-enabled Android phone, is already on sale; Nokia has announced that all of its smart phones, starting in 2011, will support NFC; and Apple recently hired a NFC expert. However Google’s Nexus is among those ionic customer electronics which are at top of the list throughout the year. It is a speedy smart phone having.

  • Five customizable home screens with animated backgrounds
  • Slick speech recognition capabilities
  • Integration with most of the software services provided by Google

Vizio’s first “passive” 3D TV

Vizio is offering the industry’s first “passive” 3D TV models; XVT3D-series set (XVT3D650SV) has a 65-inch screen. It offers inexpensive, lightweight 3D glasses you get in movie theaters.

It will be available right now, at a suggested price of about $3,700.

Sony’s HD camcorders with built-in projectors

Sony revealed three very intriguing high-def camcorders PJ30V, PJ10 and PJ50V. They include

  • A tiny projector embedded on the back of the flip-out LCD
  • A 220GB hard drive
  • 32GB of Flash memory
  • A 12x optical zoom lens
  • A built-in GPS receiver for geo-tagging content
  • 16GB of built-in Flash memory
  • A 30x optical zoom lens
  • A 3-inch touch screen LCD

Olympus’s Tough cameras

This year, Olympus introduced the TG-310 and TG-610, the latest additions of cameras. Both cameras feature.

  • A 14-megapixel sensor
  • Dual-image stabilization
  • HDMI connections
  • Record 720p resolution high-def video
  • Waterproof, freeze-proof, and shockproof lens

Although pricing isn’t disclosed yet, however, Olympus says both electronic gadgets should be available in the U.S. in the “first quarter of 2011.”

Motorola’s 4G phone for AT&T

AT&T claims that the Motorola Atrix 4G, will be the world’s most powerful phone. An Android 2.2 phone that features

  • A 1GHz dual-core processor
  • Fast HSPA+ network
  • A high-resolution HD display
  • A revolutionary, super-thin laptop dock which “enable a revolutionary browsing, application and media experience.”

It will be available in the first quarter of 2011

Asus’s first of four tablet computers

Tablet computers were the biggest story of Asus this year. It unveiled four tablets. The first one is the largest tablet we’ve seen, Eee Slate EP121, at 12.1 inches. It will use

  • An Intel Core i5 processor and run
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • The widescreen display
  • A capacitive touch screen that’s LED-backlit
  • A resolution of 1280 by 800
  • 32GB and 64GB of SSD storage
  • Up to 4GB of memory

It will be available this month for $1,000 to $1,100.

Mobile TV

TV in a car? Live television streaming straight to your car is now a reality.  That’s a concept that will redefine the family drive. Burlington, Iowa-based Winegard Company has come to market with the Cio — a LCD TV that you can take on the road. Stick the set in your car, camper or vehicle, rig the antennas and do some tuning, and you are good to go for a live, local broadcast TV as you drive.

The Electric newspaper- the Skiff Reader

The device, called the Skiff Reader, is from a joint venture between Sprint and New York-based Skiff LLC: a large format eReader optimized for live journalism. It offers

  • Downloadable e-books as well as both newspaper and magazine content
  • A screen from LG Displays that nearly has the resolution of ink on a page.
  • The unit wirelessly connected to Sprint’s 3G fast data network to allow for real time content updates.

E-books with an edge

The company McLean Va.-based enTourage is rolling out a two screen device, called the EDGE, all-in-one eReader and netbook. It will offer

  • Access to e-book content Support to most notebook computing functions,
  • including Web access.
  • Reading with the live Internet.

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