Designed and developed by MIT researchers, FingerReader is the latest invention to assist vision-impaired and blind in reading printed text. This device can scan any text and reads the words aloud for them.

FingerReader is a small wearable device that can easily be mounted on the index finger and connected to mobile phone or laptop. Interestingly, the prototype of FingerReader is made using a 3D printer. The device encloses a tiny camera that is able to see the words and a vibrator embedded to the device, which notifies users if they stray from the continued script.

Unlike the Text Detective and Say Text, FingerReader is more compact and convenient. However, it requires the text of minimum 12-point font to read easily. The device would not only assist visually impaired persons, but also the kids who cannot read yet. It can also be used by travelers and tourists to learn a new language, or use it as a portable translator.

MIT researchers are hopeful to find good investors, who can adopt this idea for mass production. According to the researchers, it took three years to build an effective prototype. However, there are still a few things that can be worked for. Currently, the major issue is to enable it with mobile devices and refining its interactions with braille, as FingerReader cannot translate them.

The researchers at Massachusett Institute of Technology claim that FingerReader will be a much affordable and appropriate solution for blind and vision-impaired, as compared to systems currently available in the market.

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