Highlight: 120 GB storage capacity, Holds up 30,000 songs, 25,000 pictures, and 375 hours of video, 3.2 inch colorful wide screen display.


•    Touch controls: Microsoft’s touch sensitive control for its Zune 120GB MP3 player with its clickable D-pad controller is superb for scrolling in all four directions for music, pictures, and videos.

•    Sharing: Wireless Zune to Zune sharing for your favorite songs, playlists, pictures and audio podcasts are available. You will be able to listen to full track songs for up to three times. You can also able to pass songs to your nearby friends who have Zune. You can add the songs you receive in your wish list and later you will able to buy it from your PC the next time log on.

•    Movies and TV shows: You can download and own more than 600 popular TV shows from the Zune market place. The TV shows or movies you have recorded with Windows Media Center in Windows Vista can be imported and sync in to your device.

•    FM radio: It has built in FM radio.  On some select frequencies you can even able to see the name of songs it is playing.

•    Games: You can plug your Zune to your Xbox 360 and can customize the soundtrack for your games.

•    Browsing: When you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot or home wireless network, you can browse and buy tracks from the Zune Marketplace online store directly from your device. You have to be a Zune Pass subscriber though.

•    Audio books: Listen to your favorite books on Zune. Sync your favorite books from audible.com or overdrive.com.


Design: Glossy black front and black metal back

Size: 61.1 mm x 108.2 mm x 12.9 mm (w x h x d)

Weight: 4.5 ounces (128 grams)

Ports: Connector port, Headphone jack / AV output

Battery backup:

Music: up to 30 hours (wireless off)

up to 4 hours
Accessories included:


Zune Sync Cable

Three pairs of foam earpiece covers

Unique Selling Point:

120 GB storage
Hold up to 30,000 songs
25,000 pictures
375 hours of video
Colorful widescreen display of 3.2 inches

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Comments (2)

  1. I must say, Zunes are way cool; back when they first came out in brown, they were huge and bulky. The brown ones were plain ugly (or do they still exist?).

    But the Zune has so many cool features; in my opinion, it makes iPods look like the lame alternative. Plus, with a Zune pass subscription, users can dowload as many songs as they can for free. These are DRM protected and disappear with unsubscription. But… every month, subscribers also get to pick 10 songs to download without any protection. All of this is for $15 a month!

    Plus, iPods don’t have radio. And the prospect of turning my Zune into a gaming console… is quite attractive.

  2. Zunes have always a bit lower than Ipods.Moreover the important drawback of the Zune is that,you cannot use it as a Hard Drive.Also Audio quality is pretty cool but not as good as Ipod.But video is pretty good.

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