The Microsoft Xbox 360 motion controller is one of those technological gadgets that have been gossiped by almost every news media for a very long time and now this device has got the official announcement. It was earlier rumored as the project Natal but the name showed by Microsoft is ‘Kinect’.

The announcement of this new device was made at a high profile Pre-E3 premier event at Galen Center in Los Angeles, the complete description regarding the new device like the software which Microsoft is going to use in this device will be revealed at the actual E3 press conference of Microsoft.

The device tends to be almost similar to the Nintendo’s Wii controller and PlayStations’s eye, just like those devices the Kinect will also create an atmosphere where the players will have to use their bodies, voices and even facial expressions to play the games and this tends to be a really healthy advancement of the gaming industry.

Some of the Kinect games that according to PCworld Microsoft has announced includes: Joy Ride, pet game Kinectimals, sports title Kinect Sports (including tablet tennis, boxing and bowling games) Kinect Adventures (including the river rafting game that’s been seen), Dance Central (developed by MTV Games), and Star Wars and Disney titles.

We should all keep our fingers crossed to get the new releases coming from Microsoft in the E3 as many expectations are belonging to this conference.

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  1. That is really some thing magical and amazing

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