The Microsoft Windows 7 does not seem to be affected by latest flaw according to the reported zero-day flaw. The Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 have flaws according to the recent reports but these seem not to affect the way they function. The final version of Windows 7 in fact is quite contrary to the earlier reports as an end product but seem to be serving fine.


The new investigations with previews have left this system vulnerable in the presence of the Microsoft Server Message Block or the SMB implementation. However there have not been any reported attacks according to advisory implementation that the reports direct to.

The reports note that the customer impact is minimal with the flaw on the attacker being controlled through the system. The attacks have been reported to be vulnerable to the impact of the system in the present time.

The highest attempts to exploit this poise of vulnerability being raised from the system will even be stopped with resounding alerts. This is a good response overall and gives you the green signal to go ahead with the Windows 7.

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