Game lovers have been experiencing new and varied games. Play Station has been a big seller. Nintendo tried to capture the market. Windows raised the competition high. Then there have also been other game sellers. Hence the gaming market has always been facing a stuff competition.

Recently an event of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2013 was held at Los Angeles Convention Center from June 11 to 13, 2013. With thousands of visitors the conference brought global video game community. Attendees witnessed the game sellers with their best and latest. This year’s conference is being considered as the best ever exhibition with the top notch competitiveness claiming the best gaming experience of all time. All sellers exhibited their best to offer whether already in market or coming to the market by next year. Though these yet to be launched games were not available in the market but the audience viewed their demos with all relevant details. Currently being under-development these are soon going to hit the game market.

In this E3 2013 conference Windows, Sony, Nintendo, Mad Catz, Razer, and Oculus Rift have been among the main exhibitors. Windows and Sony have appeared as the prime competitor. They demonstrated their new arrivals as Xbox One and Play Station 4 (PS4) respectively leaving Nintendo and others far behind. Both have arrived with the next generation consoles. All the games these two demonstrated in the electronic entertainment expo have not yet reached to the stores but the competition is heated up to decide the winner.

Technological advancement in hardware has been the catch. Comparing Xbox One and Play Station 4 both have extended consoles to the next generation. Xbox One is also distinguished with its improved Kinect, HDMI-in and Xbox Live Cloud connectivity. Xbox One’s operating system is based on Windows Kernel which supports multi-tasking.

Point on which these two do actually compete with each other is the game library. PS4 exclusives are six whereas XBox One takes the lead with fourteen. Their exclusive titles have been the reason for early adopters to select one of these two as the better gamers’ choice.

1. Forza Motorsport 5

Forza is going to be the gift for race gamers. Real like visuals with technological advancement has really made a difference. No other supplier has developed a racing better or even equal to the Forza Motorsport 5. Drive Club launched by Play Station 4 (PS4) with same advancements of console could not succeed to compete with Forza. It is expected to be launched by November. Microsoft claims the wild-eyed thrill of racing with Forza Motorsport 5. It also provides the cloud connectivity power of Microsoft Xbox One. Forza Motorsport 5 with reality based experience in terms of branded cars and reality based locations, is definitely going to make PS4 owners jealous.

Forza Motorsport 5

2. Halo

New version for Xbox One will be released in the next year 2014. Though Microsoft declined to declare as Halo 5 or as an extension of the Halo series and nothing much has been brought to the front but following the earlier versions up to Halo 4 we can ensure a great experience for gamers. Microsoft claiming the legitimate inclusion of Halo in its Xbox One does not confirm whether the continued sequel will be followed naming it as Halo 5 or a new name will be given as the second option has also been witnessed in gaming world. Killzone of Play Station 4 is not expected to be as promising as Halo new version. The Master Chief with next generation experience is surely a good addition to the Xbox One exclusives which is going to make PS4 owners jealous.

Halo 5

3. Dead Rising 3

Created by Capcom this ‘Dead Rising’ is one of the main stream exclusives of the Xbox. With improved graphics and other enhancements, Dead Rising 3 is expected to hit the market even more than its predecessor versions which were released with Xbox 360 and succeeded to influence the gamers. This improved version has come up with seriousness leaving the silly style of its predecessors. Graphics have been improved and more realistic aesthetics have been added. Combination of powerful instruments of destruction and ability to make combo weapons does really ensure the crazy gaming experience. It is expected to release in November this year and is definitely going to make PS4 gamers jealous.

Dead Rising 3

4. Sunset Override

Sunset Override depicts an open world with no rules. It brings the stylized shooter with the living world level of game which ensures a great experience to gamers.  It is off line playable but to update the new features, additions or any changes it has to be taken on line. It has been developed by Insomniac who has been developing the exclusives for Sony Play Station. Surprisingly for Play Station gamers this is the first exclusive title developed by Insomniac for Microsoft. Insomniac, rejecting the rumors of end of business terms with Sony, claims the benefit of working as independent developers. Knack is not as promising as Sunset Override. Therefore, this exclusive title of Microsoft is definitely going to make PS4 owners jealous.

5. Titanfall

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall has been announced by the Microsoft as one of the exclusive titles of Xbox One. It will be released in 2014. This exclusive title has brought the shooter from the future era with machines depicting the future way of wars. Titanfall had been nominated in the six categories of awards in the recent E3 2013 conference. These categories were best of show, best original game, best console game, best PC game, best action game and best online multi-player.  Titanfall succeeded to win all of six game critic awards for which it was nominated. It is definitely making the PS4 owners jealous.


6. Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon is being considered a successor of Dragon series. Being kinect-enabled it definitely adds in to exclusive list of Xbox One. Kinect connectivity provides the way of playing the game with movement of body. Though graphics could not convince to the expected extent but the overall experience is great which stands it out among the same type of games.

Crimson Dragon

There have been a huge number of game sellers in the international market. It has triggered high level of competition because the number of gamers is also huge. This has also brought third party game developers who work as subsidiary of a game seller, enter into partnership with game sellers to develop games for them or even work as independent developer who either develop games on contract or do also sell the developed games to the big names. Either way the competition is high for development.

Game development can be in form of a new game developed catering the new demands of gamers or even improving the gaming experience of an already marketed game. In E3 2013 we have observed all the game sellers bringing new games or improved version of their existing games. We have also observed the effects of competition among the game developers.

But this year’s exhibition we unexpectedly witnessed the advancement of hardware announced by Windows and Sony leaving all others far behind. This has resulted into the prime competition between Windows Xbox One and Sony PS4. They both have come up with their exclusive titles creating a close competition between these two. On the bases of above mentioned six exclusive titles of Windows Xbox One we can conclude that it has succeeded to win this competition and make the Sony owners jealous.

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