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Microsoft Office 2010 is now in the markets. Though the beta version was there for anyone and everyone to download and use, the actual product has just been launched. Most of you must have downloaded the software and enjoyed it thoroughly till now; indeed this improved and latest version has a nice feel when is in use.

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Today, I am going to give you a quick review of MS Office 2010 so that those of you who haven’t tried it yet get convinced to download it immediately. In fact, what’s the harm in trying something?

There are certain nice features which may be a valid reason for you to try Office 2010.

  1. Expression of your ideas will be fun while using Office 2010, as there have been introduced nice picture editing and formatting tools. You can apply various artistic effects, as well as remove the background and you can do all this within the program you are using (e.g. PowerPoint or Word etc.).
  2. OpenType typography will let you introduce style in your text.
  3. Editing and putting effects in your embedded videos is no issue now. You can do it while working with PowerPoint. Please note that you don’t need any other software for this purpose.
  4. A great feature of Office 2010 is the ease and simplicity to use the tools. As it can be seen that the typical ‘File’ menu has been replaced with new Backstage view which gives quick access to options like save, print etc.
  5. Now, one can preview the result before pasting the actual copied data, so that if changes are needed then those can be made prior to pasting. The feature is called Live Preview.
  6. OneNote is another nice new feature that enables one to keep track of all the thoughts and ideas that hit the mind in the midst of doing anything.
  7. In Word, the enhanced and improved navigation pane gives a better way to find documents making use of the integrated Find tools.
  8. Excel 2010 turns intricacy into precision by its nice features. Organizing your data isn’t difficult as before, you can manage it in an easy way. Mini charts show you summarized ongoing analysis. Also, you can filter the data by Slicer so that the tables and charts show the required data alone.
  9. Sharing and communication is yet another great feature of Office 2010. Users are able to edit their shared files simultaneously with other people who are at different places.
  10. PowerPoint 2010 has a feature called Broadcast Slide Show which enabled users to air their live presentations instantaneously on the internet. People who do not have PowerPoint can also view those presentations.
  11. Outlook 2010 has been improved big time, too. Features like conversation management tools, conversation view and Quick steps make emailing a whole new experience for the user. Ignoring, deleting, cleaning up and replying are a click away.
  12. Office Communicator gives you a nice communicating understanding. It tells you about the accessibility of your coworkers while co-authoring (editing a document along with others) or checking email. Instant messages and voice calls can be initiated at any time while using the Communicator.
  13. Office 2010 takes your data to cloud; yes it is true. Now with the help of office Web Apps, you can save your data to Windows Live SkyDrive folder or a SharePoint website from where you can access saved files from anywhere at anytime. This is a real great feature that all of us wanted in Microsoft Office.
  14. Office Mobile 2010 is the program for your cell phone.
  15. Different versions e.g. Student, Home and Business have prices ranging from $119.99 to $499.99.

Microsoft Office 2010 is packed with ease, comfort and great features; it surely deserves to be used by everyone.

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