Microsoft launched Office 365 and made cloud computing a much talked about topic for business world. On 12th of July, senior leader of Microsoft Corporation at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 talked about how partners can take advantage from the evolution of cloud computing in order to help consumers to enhance agility. Enhanced focus on the corporate goals and cost reduction also remained under discussion in WPC.

View Point of Satya Nadella

President of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft Satya Nadella said, “Cloud computing is as big a transformation as we have ever seen and, together with our partners, Microsoft will help customers through the shift. By betting on Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to cloud computing, partners can embrace this transformation and build strong and vibrant practices that will advance how business gets done.”

Success Stories of Global Companies

Satya Nadella publicized that now partners can advertise applications via marketplace of Windows Azure to cover more consumers and earn profits. Recently Microsoft conducted a research through Forrester consulting and came to a conclusion that software partners who organize solutions on Windows Azure are earning revenue from 20 percent to 250 percent by means of accessing the new customers. Most renowned global companies like e-Bay, HP and Fujitsu worked on Windows Azure Platform which helped them to offer outclass cloud services.

Continuous Adaptability with Innovation

Nadella is of the point of view that on location deployment is “must have” and it should be managed on continuous basis. He also discusses that how Microsoft Partners can employ private cloud solution of Microsoft based on Windows Server, Microsoft Hype-V as well as Microsoft System Center to assist customers in their changeover to cloud.

Upcoming Projects of Microsoft

Microsoft have also planned to launch novel Beta of System Center 2012 which will assist customers to create private clouds and organize applications for private as well as public cloud systems. In addition, Microsoft also presented a look of upcoming version of Windows Server and its code name is “Windows Server 8” which will be another step in private cloud computing.

Microsoft always keeps a vigilant eye on the changes in business and technological world and assists the corporations in adapting the new solutions for sake of continuous improvement. Cloud Computing has set new targets for the corporations and also offered them a reason so that they could compete with their rival in an enhanced way and better facilitate the customers by providing unique and innovative solutions.

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