Promotion of IE9

Web world has played a vital role in promoting brands and new offers of companies. Majority of Multi-national companies launched websites to promote themselves. Microsoft, which gave a new direction to this web world, has launched a website to promote IE9 and it aims to influence people to stop using web browser Internet Explorer 6 (The old one).

On this website Microsoft is asking people to stop using Internet Explorer 6 and preferably use IE9 which is the latest version. Microsoft is also asking people to influence their siblings stop using this 10 years old web browser. Round about 12% of the world is currently using IE6, with this newly launched website Microsoft wants to drop this percentage below 1%. This is possible if friends and friends of friends recommend each other to use the web browser (IE9).

The site says “Friends do not let friends use Internet Explorer 6 and neither should acquaintances”.

Microsoft wants to convey message to all to replace IE6 with IE9. As a matter of fact unless people will not stop using Internet Explorer 6, they will not consider the latest version IE9. If you are opinion leader among your family and siblings, you can help Microsoft in educating people regarding use of IE9.

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