Microsoft and Google have always been the very tough competitors no matter which internet market of the world you take as an example. In Japan Microsoft had previously proved itself to be better than Google in terms of the internet brands but a new Japanese survey has changed this record.

According to the reports Google has overtaken Microsoft and has got the top position in a Japanese survey of the corporate brand perception. Google has actually scored 782 points in the survey and that is actually a single point ahead from Microsoft’s record, so a sharp lead has been taken by Google for this year.

This annual survey was actually carried by Nikkei Research and this year they have got the responses from 33,033 consumers and 14,184 business people which is really a good amount of population for collecting such sort of responses.

The main questions which were included in this new survey were related to the people’s perception about the brands and the experience they have acquired by using the company’s products.

In the Japanese internet market we have always seen the competition alive between yahoo, Microsoft and Google, this time the competitors are same but the change in the first and second position holders have been seen, yahoo this time slipped to the fourth position with Sony acquiring the third place.

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