Microsoft has finally revealed the pricing details of the Kinect for Xbox; the kinect is one of the highly awaited motion sensors that are going to be released later in this year. According to the latest official announcement Microsoft will charge Microsoft Kinect to cost £129.99 and along with that the company is also going to bring a budget level Xbox 360 4GB and the launch of that is due on 20August this year.

The price announced for the Xbox 360 4GB that is planned for the release on next month is £149.99 and it is coming with a matte black finish and built in Wi-Fi and touch sensitive buttons. Chris Lewis, vice president, Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Europe while discussing about this device said that “Kinect for Xbox 360 offers fantastic new ways to be entertained for the whole family” and also “With full body, voice and multiplayer play straight out of the box, Kinect is a unique way for everyone to enjoy controller-free fun and entertainment”.

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Most of the information regarding Kinect has been provided but the release date for UK is still awaited, it is also reported that retailers have now started taking pre-orders of this device so let’s see the response that will be obtained from the customer’s side.

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  1. […] Kinect for Microsoft XBOX 360 is the NO.1 on our list of most popular tech gadgets that that was sold on last Christmas.  It made a great Christmas gift for kids and men. Controller- free gaming and voice controlled HD media watching were the most favorite features hailed by everyone. Kinect changed the way to interact with Microsoft XBOX 360. Using gestures and spoken commands kids played games and men enjoyed ultimate entertainment including TV shows, movies and sports. […]

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