Building Batteries

Storing energy is one of the major concerns of most of the scientist of the world and this is the reason that some biologists have also starting thinking towards this issue. Up till now two of the major have started looking towards methane and viruses to build batteries. One of such finding has been made by Penn State environmental engineer Bruce Logan and his colleagues and they have identified the microorganisms called the methanogens which can effectively reduce carbon dioxide to methane, as when the microbes receive an electric jolt they use electron to combine CO2 and protons thus creating methane gas. This methane can used and stored to fuel a vehicle or to run a generator.

Photo by etunKo
Photo by etunKo

This new research has given the scientists a new source of energy which can prove to be very efficient if utilized for the practical purposes. The biological uses for energy were never been thought before but the new finding will definitely lead some future researches in this manner. Until now I have discussed the work conducted by Bruce Logan but another scientist has also done some work regarding the same lines and she is the MIT materials scientist Angela Belcher.

Angela has worked on the bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria) to build up a source of energy, she has genetically modified the bacteriophages which later cloak themselves in iron phosphate which is a metal salt. The iron phosphate then attach to carbon nanotubes to produce a framework of microscopic conductive wires that can hole charge just like a battery of a car. So the genetic tweaks may enable the viruses to blind tightly to carbon nanotube thus creating a high powered battery. So the biological microbes and viruses can become a source of energy and that a really exciting news because biological methods are cheaper for the production of batteries when compared with the conventional methods of productions which are recently in practice.

Thus the two new findings have given a new path to the future researchers and it will give more and more technical advancement in the methods of storing energy. No one has ever thought about viruses to produce energy like batteries but the latest finding has made it a reality so this can be easily stated that nothing is impossible in this world, all we have to do is some hard work and new paths will open to take us for further advancement in our technologies.

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