Maybelline has a very good soft lip liner at  very affordable price. The slant tip and slim line barrel offers precise application and control for absolutely perfect defined look of the lip. It is one of the thinnest lip liners. And above all, it lasts for extremely long hours. What more can anyone expect at this range?

Here are few tips how to apply it for best results:

  • Start with lining your lips at the center of your upper lip.
  • From the center, work towards the outer edges of the lips. Follow the contour of your mouth.
  • The same technique should be repeated for your bottom lip.
  • For long lasting of your lip gloss or lipstick just fill in your lips entirely with the lip liner.

Product Unique Selling Points:

  • Contain Vitamin E with creamy formula that simply glides on smoothly
  • It prevents bleeding and feathering
  • Wears for extremely long hours
  • It self sharpens automatically

Reviewed By ” Varsha”

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