Instant Age Rewind Custom Face Perfector Cream Foundation is a new cosmetic product which has been recently launched by Maybelline New York.

This foundation comes with an easy shade finder that helps you to find your skin tone.
Apply and find your shade within your skin tone. You can identify the shades easily as the shades become darker as the numbers increase.

Here are few tips how to apply it for Best Results:

Apply smoothly to your face and blend the foundation with the dual applicator evenly. This cream foundation has a dual sided applicator that can be applied 2 ways:

  • First way is to apply white side for full coverage to even out your skin tone. Never cakey.
  • And the other way to apply is Pink side for sheer coverage to give a light touch to blur fine lines. Never settles.

Unique Selling Point

  • With a custom coverage applicator that allows you to choose your coverage.
  • Full or sheer for a radiant perfection,
  • Get custom radiant perfection at your fingertips.

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  1. Oh I really do love Maybelline. It’s so affordable, and this foundation is wonderful for my skin. Yes, it has SPF 18. And it glides on like cream, giving that flawless, poreless air-brushed look.

    A word to the wise: sunscreen is always useful. I apply it before my makeup (and after washing my face). You can never be too certain when it comes to preventing wrinkles/ skin cancer!

  2. Yah, Maybelline’s SPF foundations are great. Even though it’s powder, I’ve never really had a problem with cakiness or looking “fake.” It’s truly almost like a cream… and makes me feel pretty! 🙂

  3. I love Maybelline Instage Age Rewind cream compact foundation but can’t find it in stock in my area in the color I need TAN (Dark 1). Where can I order it?

  4. I love Maybelline Instant Age Rewind cream compact. Can’t find it in my area in the tan dark 1 color. Where can I order it?

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